Study Buddy - Focus

SPAAS Study Buddy Focus
SPAAS Study Buddy Focus
SPAAS Study Buddy Focus
14,95 €

Each box contains:

  • 1x Scented candle Study Buddy Focus (Burntime 42h)


Fragrance: Focus - Eucalyptus & Mint
Study Buddy ‘Focus’ is for everyone who wants to shut themselves away from the outside world for a little while. 

In de topnoten herken je pepermunt, groene bladeren en citroen. Appel en eucalyptus in de hartnoten en een warme basis met cederhout. Deze Study Buddy voelt als een fris en fruitig tussendoortje en scherpt de zintuigen aan.

The Study Buddy contains the EMOTIWAVES™ technology. A patented technology, based on natural essential oils. The result? A wonderful feeling of well-being and a stimulation of the senses that ensures that you are completely ready to fly in.


Studying is a challenge. It means sitting still for long periods of time, absorbing information, making connections and reproducing the knowledge you’ve gained in the neatest possible way. To top it all off, there’s also the pressure of meeting everyone’s expectations. The only thing you can do is persevere and give it your best shot, time and time again. And that can sometimes leave you feeling like you’re all alone in the world... With that in mind, we thought it was time to create a Study Buddy that smells delicious and makes studying a little easier.

Neuroscience suggests there is a direct link between scent and emotions. You associate scents with memories, and those memories can trigger specific feelings. Just think of the familiar scent of vanilla, for example, or the bright feeling when you cut into a fresh lemon.

For the first time ever, we’ve used scents based on EMOTIWAVES™. A patented technology based on natural essential oils. The result? This Study Buddy, which will help you stay focused. Also get to know our Study Buddy Relax, which helps you to relax.

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Technical Specifications

Burn time: 
42 h
97 mm
593 g
79 mm