Two sunny spring trends

Early chirping concerts and a whiff of freshly mowed grass in the air. Spring is finally here.

And once temperatures climb to 18 degrees, we will no longer stay indoors. Time for new hiking shoes, snacks on the garden table and a sea of bright yellow easter flowers. And a spring-ready terrace, please!

With these two spring trends, you will surely get comfy in your lounger. Soft spring or scoop soleil? Tested by daydreamers and 100% party proof!

1. Soft spring

Fifty shades of beige is the best way to describe your interior.

Cosy and serene with a love of raw, natural materials. Rattan, bamboo and wood structures.

Warm pistachio green, mint green and clear denim blue will make your terrace bloom!

Drape a light linen cloth in off-white over your garden table and go for tableware in feminine rounded shapes.

Add some balance with clear blue rustic table candles and a bunch of wild flowers.

Repeat the colour pallet elsewhere. How about a romantic lantern with a robust sea blue rustic candle?

And decorate a small tree with some soft green candles . How smoothly they sway in the wind ...

Plus, they spread the delicious aroma of lemon grass!

Immerse yourself in your green oasis and dream of casual coffee in a Southern bay...

2. Scoop soleil

A bright green inflatable cactus in your garden and bright yellow lemonade with a straw in red stripes. Meet your midsummer.

And it can’t start soon enough!

Highly recommended for your summer terrace: stack cheerful colours like sorbet scoops.

Raspberry red and lemon yellow steal the show!

Your summer table doesn’t need too much of a fuss. A knitted blanket for some cosiness, a couple of clay bowls and neutral-coloured ribbed glasses.

And lots and lots of cheerful little candles...

We say a resounding 'yes' to three shades of pink

This large raspberry red rustic candle makes for a great match with the magnolia-coloured garden dish and this cotton candy pink softglow-candle.

Sweet, sweeter, sweetest!

Bright yellow balances the wealth of pink.

And that playful bubble glass makes for such a great combination with the light yellow softglow candle.

Oh yes, the latter spreads a delicious aroma of lemon zest. Yes please!

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