Tips for stylishly decorating your Christmas table with candles

Christmas decorating ideas are often simple and attractive. In this blog, we combine creative Christmas decorations with the warm ambiance of candlelight. The use of recycled glass jars, tree branches and wineglasses is a simple yet unique way to indulge in the wonderfully wintery atmosphere. Spaas is pleased to share a number of easy and inspiring decorating ideas to fill your home with warmth and cosiness during the dark days of winter.

Upside-down glasses

Transform a few simple wineglasses into unique candleholders. Fill the wineglass with a few small Christmas balls or other decorations and place it upside-down on the table. Next, put a Clearlight tea light on top of the base of the glass to give your dinner table that special, romantic lighting.

Wineglass lamp

Nothing gets you into the holiday spirit like candlelight, especially when it glows through transparent paper. Inexpensive wineglasses can be magically transformed into beautifully elegant candle lamps for a fabulous dinner. Instantly make your table festive and modern. It’s quite easy to do and lets you unleash your own creativity.

Weck jars/mason jars

Mason jars make the perfect candleholders. Put a rustic candle or Clearlight in a mason jar and personalise it by filling the bottom of the jar with sand, decorative stones, twigs or whatever you like. You can tie a ribbon around the jar for a finishing touch. Simply place your creation on a wooden tray on the table and success is guaranteed!

Welcome bags

Welcome bags are paper bags with a tea light in them, making them perfect for decorating outside the front door or in the entryway. They create a very elegant and inviting effect in and around the home. Once lit, they produce a soft glow that can be enhanced by using Clearlights or tea lights in transparent cups. The candlelight not only illuminates the bag, but also makes the drawings on the bag more visible. These bags are treated with a fire retardant so that they won’t catch fire. Grouped or placed along a footpath, these Welcome Bags are sure to get compliments.

Floating candles

This decorating method is simple yet very elegant. Fill a cylindrical glass or vase with water, place several thin twigs at the bottom and Spaas floating candles on top of these. This decorative piece is the perfect addition to your interior during the cold months of winter.

Wooden Advent wreath

Use a block of wood with four holes drilled or punched into it and place four candleholders in the holes (available at most florists and decorating shops).

Use large tea lights in your tea light holders.

Large tea lights are the perfect candle for decorating tables or to use during festive occasions. You often have lots on your mind while you’re busy entertaining, and you really don’t have the time to replace all the tea lights halfway through dinner. Maxi tea lights and XL Clearlights burn for around 10 hours, so you only have to light them once and they will continue burning until your last guest has left.

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