The world of Spaas: Christmas Family Moment

At Spaas, we chose five moments that can be made even more intense with candles because these moments are there to be cherished. With the end of the year celebrations coming up, it is not only important to cook a true feast, but a good hostess or host welcomes her or his guests in a cosy atmosphere.

Discover how to create a true ‘Christmas family moment’ at home using the tips below.

‘Christmas family moment’

Come together in a family moment

The perfect time for candles is a holiday party. Above all, Christmas is a time to be together and celebrate in each other’s company. Don’t be afraid to add more glamour and glitter during this period. So choose festive gold or silver: colours that really shine when combined with a robust wood look. Candles create ambience and cosiness at every family affair. The ‘gourmand’ fragrances, such as vanilla, spiced wine, gingerbread, as well as the natural winter fragrances such as pine, winter herbs, and a wood fire are very popular for holiday parties.

If you use candles on the table during the meal, it is best to choose unscented candles, so that the delicious aromas of the food are not overpowered.



Christmas family candles

You can create a ‘Christmas family moment’ using the following Spaas candles:


But don’t forget…

  • When you have visitors coming, place candles in a Mason jar or in paper bags by your front door (or on your mailbox). That immediately makes people feel welcome. A variant of this for the holidays is a decorative piece with candles or luminarias in the foyer.
  • Choose tea lights or refills with a burn time of 6 hours or longer when inviting people over. This way, you’re not spending all your time replacing candles and instead, you can live in the moment.
  • Think of the smallest room during the parties: nothing is as cosy as finding a scented candle in the bathroom if you want to relax.
  • When using scented candles, remember that heavy scents like cedar wood, charcoal, myrrh, cardamom, etc. are best used in a large room. Otherwise, it can become a bit ‘much’. Use ‘gourmand’ fragrances such as vanilla, apple cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. in the kitchen and keep the fresh, lighter fragrances for smaller spaces such as the bathroom or toilet. Put your favourite scent in the foyer to welcome your guests.
  • Dare to deviate from the classic red-green-white Christmas patterns for your table settings. Combine a black runner on a white tablecloth with metallic colours such as antique pink, emerald green, gold, and silver.
  • Combine matt and glossy tea light holders from the same colour segment. Choose a high, dominant candle shape surrounded by smaller accessories, but make sure the flames are not in your field of view.​



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