New: Four more intense colours

Do you also enjoy the sun-drenched days of spring? The calendar is once again chock full of dates to go on walks and the e-invite quickly becomes an aperitif to go. It’s high time for a fresh dash of colour to brighten your interior!

Fortunately, your home doesn’t need an extreme makeover to achieve the desired effect. A few nicely-chosen vases of dinner candles and candle holders in trendy colours work wonders.

The fashion colours of the 2021 spring and summer collections

So, what colours do we now see through our windows? This year's spring colours are cerulean blue and green ash. These are cooler pastel shades that nicely match the fashionable colour, ultimate grey, as well as earth tones such as rust, a warm colour.

Add some colours that pop and the spring palette is complete. This spring, you’re sure to see Illuminating Easter flower yellow, Amethyst Orchid deep purple, and Burnt Coral rose red.


New at Spaas

Spring is also making a show in the Spaas assortment. We welcome four new colours that you definitely can't do without this summer.

Cinnamon brown is a warm shade of brown that easily combines with other colours and is very reminiscent of the fashion colour Calm. With lime green, we are also drawing from the fashion world, which is embracing cool pastel shades. We are expanding our pastel palette with spring colours par excellence, namely, light pink and sky blue.

You will find the new spring colours in our assortment of rustic household candles and small and large spherical candles.

Most rustic candles are now also available in the new colours. From large to small: 100/100 mm70/190 mm70/130 mm70/80 mm an 50/80 mm.

Three times spring fever

Do you like soft natural colours or prefer 50 shades of pink? These colourful styles will add a touch of spring to your interior.

Rust and pink

Complement shades of pink with warm rust-brown. An top-notch combination: the cute little candle in pink bubble glass and our light pink rustic candle.

Bronze cutlery, a dish, or place mats in a colour that makes the whole picture pop. Also put a sprig of wild flowers in a vase for a cheerful effect. White items and natural elements ensure that the sugar spice content does not overpower. 

Pure purple

Everything comes to life during spring and you can inject that into your home. Shades of green stand out and soft natural materials match nicely. Pastel purple provides a surprisingly fresh contrast.

Place some purple rustic Spaas candles in a candle holder in light-coloured wood and encircle these with smaller (scented) candles in glassA sprig of eucalyptus looks trendy and is a nice addition to your urban jungle.

Playful yellow

Bright yellow is the colour of the season and combines beautifully with blue and green. Add some yellow accents to your decor and then some cheerful candles in blue bubble glass and chalk green rustic candles as the final touch.

Would you like to sit at a sunny table? Then use bright yellow napkins or a table runner and a bunch of fresh Easter flowers. Dining in your bubble is suddenly twice the fun…


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