Mosquito-free nights, thanks to citronella candles


Nothing smells as much like summer as the scent of citronella. And when the evenings begin to get longer, the buzzing sounds of those annoying mosquitoes are everywhere. Citronella-scented candles on your terrace and in the garden help to keep these little critters at a safe distance. Read here about how you can optimise your use of citronella candles so you can enjoy relaxing, mosquito-free evenings.

The power of citronella

If it is not used in excessive quantities, citronella is a natural and harmless essential plant oil. Citronella is obtained from the grass varieties Cymbopogon nardus and Cymbopogon winterianus. These types of grass grow predominantly on Java, Haiti and in Central America. Because of its insect-repellent qualities, the oil is used in citronella candles, lamps, sprays and lotions.

For some 50 years now, citronella has been the most commonly used method for holding mosquitoes and other insects, such as fleas, at bay. This works because citronella emits such a strong aroma, one that the insects do not find pleasant.

Citronella aromas

Many people consider citronella a pleasing, natural aroma, but not everyone is equally enamoured with the scent. That is why Spaas has created a range of fragrances that combines other summer aromas with citronella.

Choose from the standard citronella fragrance, or go for a combination with basil, lavender or pomegranate.


Of course, Spaas also has the pure citronella range, which brightens up your terrace with its fresh, bright yellow colour. Marvellous citrus aromas, just like you'd expect from citronella candles. 

Color:  yellow

Citronella & Basil

The green citronella range combines the scent of citronella with basil. These candles are surprisingly refreshing in their spring-green pallet. Ideal accompaniment for a BBQ evening with friends and family.

Color:  fresh green

Citronella & Lavender

The traditional lavender aroma remains a popular choice, especially because of its calming effect. In combination with the mosquito-repellent properties of citronella, the purple colour of these candles is the go-to option for those who want to live like the gods in France. 

Color:  lavender pink

Citronella & Pomegranate

The fuchsia collection, which combines pomegranate with citronella, is for the fruit lovers among us. The sweet scent of this range invokes daydreams when the sun's rays sink behind the trees and the day's heat softly slips into evening.

Color:  dark fuchsia

The citronella barrier

You can't really go wrong with citronella candles. Spreading them out here and there can do an awful lot to help keep the mosquitoes away. With the table candles and tea lights, the scent remains subtle, but you can also go for the terracotta dishes or garden candles for more impact.

But if your objective is to protect your space like a pro, then build yourself a citronella barrier.

Position your citronella garden dishes or the small terracotta dishes on the ground in a circle around your table or seating arrangement. If you are sitting on a terrace and can position the group against one or more walls, then the walls are also part of your circle, and you won't necessarily have to place garden candles along that section.

Then, make a circle above your garden dish circle by suspending citronella candles in the air. To do this, use the ‘Garden Lights’ with their hangers, and hang them in trees, shrubs or on parasols or terrace overhangs. This way, you create a barrier against the mosquitoes and other insects all around your table or garden furniture. Then place several citronella candles and tea lights on your table—they also contribute to the cosy atmosphere.

Enjoy your summer evening surrounded by the flickering candlelight!

Bothered by those annoying mosquitoes? Then, our citronella package might be just what you're looking for. The package contains the citronella candles you need to keep mosquitoes at a safe distance. The ideal gift, perhaps, for the next BBQ?

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