Cosy Moment Box

30,00 €

Each box contains:

  • 1x 30 Clearlights with the fragrance of Cotton Blossom (Burning time 4.5h)
  • 1x Scented candle in square glass with the fragrance of Cotton Blossom (Burning time 25h)
  • 1x Rustic pillar candle white (Diameter 5cm >Height 8cm Burning time 17h)
  • 1x Rustic pillar candle taupe (Diameter 7cm Height 8cm Burning time 30h)
  • 1x Rustic pillar candle white (Diameter 7cm Height 13cm Burning time 60h)
  • 1x Golden candle holder
  • 1x 6 Golden wire-o-balls
  • 1x Wooden round tray


Fragrance: Cotton Blossom – Cotton 
Cotton Blossom is the scent of linen hanging out to dry on a summer’s day, taking in the smell of nature. It feels like coming home. A bright, refreshing fragrance that always feels safe and comforting. Wrap yourself in this fragrance with cotton blossom scented candles.


Perfumes are everywhere. We love to personalize our homes with fresh, relaxing, fruity or mysterious fragrances. Whether you want to use your favorite fragrance for a personal moment, or burn scented candles to make friends feel at home, there is a perfume for everyone.  Strengthen your moments with this 'Cosy Moment' Box from Spaas.

*atmospheric picture may differ slightly from the package. Always consult the description for the content of the package.

Technical Specifications

2.5 kg