After Dark Shoot

2018 is the Year of Spaas! A major campaign revolving around the Spaas brand is springing up and is chock-full of ambience, inspiration and surprises. Throughout the years, we have noticed that Spaas is a beloved brand but that our candle assortment is not that well known. So, we listened to all of your favourite candle moments, and we have adapted our collection to these moments. This way, you can choose for yourself which candles lend that extra touch to your special moments, making them just that little bit more special. 

The making-of "Spaas after Dark"

When the sun slips below the horizon, the candles flicker to life. A whole bunch of candles, in fact, especially on the evening that the new Spaas campaign images were photographed. More than 560 candles were lit to achieve a very special effect indeed. Spaas had the idea to shoot the new campaign images exclusively by candlelight. No artificial light or spotlights were used—only original candlelight techniques created by photographer Pieter Neirynck. Take a look at the aftermovie to see how this was achieved.



Make your moments more intense with candles

Three moments were immortalized in images, and these will be the campaign images used throughout the year. We started, of course, with the 'summer evening' moment. Because even during the season of long evenings, candles make all the difference. Discover how to make your garden moments, weddings, high tea parties, barbecues and spring festivities extraordinary using candles.

Sharing with us why candles make your moments more intense is only part of our campaign. Experience for yourself how candles can add a touch of warmth to your life by hanging some up in your own garden or lighting them during a dinner with friends.  That is why you will also find us this summer at Levensloop, at a blog event in Bosland and at a fun summer festival. But you will find out more details about all that later on this season. 

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